Songwriters Page

                "Song Of The Month"
(The Song that receives the most Views on Gospel Singing Time Youtube Slideshow)

If you want your songs made available to Artists, your material must be "ORIGINAL" and that has NOT been submitted to any other entity such as: BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, Etc. Unless, you hold the rights and are authorized to grant Permission To Use. Your material is yours absolute.
LGSMinistries seeks  your authorization only to promote them. You are free to
withdraw your material any time. We just need reasonable prior notice. 

Artist(s) may want to select one or more of your song(s) and seek your Authorization. Your contact information will be helpful, but not required for listing on this page, it is your decision. For Artists to add a song(s) to Gospel Singing Time Youtube Slideshow, they will need to provide a letter from the songwriter stating "Permission To Use", which you are asked to provide.
If your song(s) have not been copyrited, will record them digitally with the date, to provide some limited protection. You get a written copy for your records plus, digitally recorded in their data base. You can submit written and by recording. Not the same as copyrite, but really nice to have if ever a dispute. We recommend it, first song is Free, then $3.95 per song. This is just one source, there may be others. 

List Of Current Songwriters: (If contact info not noted, email:
(1) Bob Uptain:
(2) Mark Jones 
(3) James Holley
(4) Dale Holt
(5) Neal Champion