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Program: Small Groups (For Growth & Expansion And Revenue Sharing)
              Here is how a ONE TIME OUT OF POCKET $5.00 donation can benefit
              YOU - ARTISTS - LGSMinistries all at the same time.
A Small Group consist of seven (7) members: You and six more. There is a One Time out of pocket $5.00 donation to be in a Small Group. There are multiple Small Group Cycles in the program. The first Cycle donation amount is $5.00. You are the Leader of your Small Group.
As Leader, to start your first Cycle, you are to invite the first two members. These two members are also building their own Small Group, so they too are to invite their first two members. This will complete Your Small Group and complete your first Cycle. Usable revenue is from the last four members of your Small Group ($5.00 X 4 = $20.00). You, as group leader, recieves $5.00, $10.00 for your second Cycle donation amount, and $5.00 to LGSministries. Only Small Group Leaders receive revenue upon completion of their Cycle.
Small Group Leaders can be everyone who becomes a member in a small group.
Individual, Artists, Business, Church, Civic Group. Everyone. As more and more Small Groups are added, the more people we gather and more revenue shared.
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Email: for Organizations (Artists) details.

In The Planning:

Project:  Portable Stages - (For Public Events) - A 4' X 8' section cost                  $200.00 each. A 16' X 20' would cost - 10 sections = $2,000.00

                Note: A Professional Made Mobile Portable Stage On
                          Wheels Cost More Than $85,000.00 .