Growth - Leads To - Expansion

IMPORTANT:   We Seek People". We are a Soul Seeking Outreach Ministry. Extremely Large Numbers Of Partner/Donors and Viewers on our Youtube Channel is Essential To Gospel Outreach and to provide funding for Projects & Programs.  Please help by telling others about this website and especially our YouTube Channel .  A Partner makes any amount donation Regularly, which helps Growth.   Thanks, It is much appreciated.


 "Small Groups"

As an Incentive, 'GET  PAID'  For Your "Word Of Mouth" Advertising

See how a minimum One Time Out - Of  - Pocket $5.00 donation can benefit :
YOU - ARTISTS - LGSMinistries all at the same time. 
(This program is patterned after Church growth - Informing & Inviting people).
The  Small Groups Program creates an Incentive for everyone to simply and easily participate. And answers the question: "What's In It For Me"?
Here's How Its Works:
First, you must agree to help Inform the public about LGSMinistries Gospel Singing Time YouTube Channel and our Website at: on an ongoing basis. Simply tell folks in your circle of family, friends and acquaintances via Word of Mouth, Facebook , other etc. about this Singing Ministry and Invite them to visit our YouTube Channel and join a Small Group.
There are 7 Members in a Small Group, and there are multiple Cycles. To get started, you must join a Small Group by making a One Time Out Of Pocket $5.00 donation to LGSMinistries. This pays for your 1st Cycle donation.  A Cycle is Complete when You, and everyone in your Small Group, invite two members each; You + 2 + 4 (their two) = 7. (The number 7 in scripture represents completion and why we chose it). When LGSMinistries receives all donations, You Get Paid $5.00 and advance to the next Cycle (2) at a $10.00 donation.  
LGSMinistries pays this $10.00,  and ongoing advancing Cycles donation for you.
When every member in your small group advances to their next cycle, (Cycle 2), they Get Paid $5.00 and You Get Paid $10.00.  The 3rd Cycle you get paid $25.00, 4th and advancing Cycles you get paid $50.00 each. LGSMinistries can pay you up to $600.00 per year for your dedicated "Word of Mouth Advertising". ( Artists,  Pay is greater ).  As more & more Small Groups are formed, over time, creates more people involved in this Ministry which = Growth. Outreach to masses of people from various locations allows Expansion.  It is Important to note that advancing is not possible until other Small Groups are continueously forming and growing in a timely fashion. That is why you should always continue to Inform & Invite even after your own Small Group is complete. As Growth continues, Outreach & Pay continues, Growth slows or stops, Outreach & Pay slows or stops. Much like a Church, We're all in this together. Blessings!

Here's the Pay-Out to Individuals:
  1st Cycle = $  5.00
2nd Cycle = $10.00
3rd Cycle = $25.00
4th Cycle = $50.00
And $50.00 per cycle up to $600.00 per year 
Here's The Pay-Out To Artists:

                Pay-Out is the same as for Individuals through the 4th Cycle

                                                     5th Cycle = $100/00
                                                     6th Cycle = $250.00
                                                     7th Cycle = $500.00
                                                     8th Cycle = $1,500.00

                         Commssion Amounts are mailed Monthly as received. 

                                           To Get Started,  Mail  $5.00  to: 

                                                        P.O. Box  826
                                             Sumiton, Alabama   35148
                Please Print Plainly Your Name & Correct Mailing Address

Note: Anyone may choose to donate their earnings back to LGSMinistries.

Disclaimer: LGSMinistries makes No Guarantee that anyone will receive any specific pay amount on any specific time frame since amounts and timing are determined by efforts of others following the proceedures as outlined above.