LGS(Local Gospel Singing) Ministries 

Our Mission is to Help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Song by Utilizing & Equipping Gospel Singing Artists in Local Communities Nationwide, & around the World. Our Vision is to create & establish Projects & Programs to fullfill the Mission.
 LGSMinistries was founded by Bob Upain in 2006 with a Vision to advance Local Southern Gospel Singings & Artists in an organizational effort to more effectively spread the Gospel in Song across all the counties in all States in the USA. We define Southern Gospel to include: Traditional Southern Gospel; Bluegrass Gospel and Country Gospel. Catagories now include: Soloist, Duo's, Trio's and Quartets. 

Important Projects & Programs are being established to advance our Vision. One, is establishing our own YouTube Channel.
Notice: LGSMinistries "GOSPEL SINGING TIME" YouTube  Channel is ON THE  AIR  NOW!!!
Go to: YouTube - In Search - Type in LGSMinistries - GOSPEL SINGING TIME and check it out. We need thousands of Viewers.
 A Great Promotional Tool To Further Our Vision To Spread The Gospel Of Jesus Christ In Song Nationwide and Around The World. 

Urgent Attention: "NOW" is the time for Everyone to inform others about this Website and especially our YouTube Channel. We need thousands of Viewers and subscribers to make the channel effective.  

Be Sure To Go To "GROWTH & EXPANSION" page : Exciting NEW Projects & Programs.